When Is It Time To Be Concerned About Your Furnace?

Have you had to fix your furnace’s heating system more than once? If so, it may be time for a new heating system as your units’ demand for maintenance and repairs grow.

How To Determine Whether To Repair Or Replace The Unit?

Let’s look at some factors that can assist you in determining whether furnace repair in Richmond would be wise or whether replacing it would be a better option.

Furnaces typically last between 12 and 15 years if installed and maintained correctly. Repairs will become more necessary for older heating systems. It is a brilliant idea to start considering a replacement if your heating system is starting to require increased maintenance and new parts.

  • Color Of Your Pilot Light

The burner flame on gas heating systems needs to be a vivid blue hue. A flickering or glowing yellow flame is a furnace warning indication. It is a sign that a higher amount of carbon monoxide is produced by your heating system. Soot stains surrounding the furnace and excessive moisture on the windows and walls are also carbon monoxide indicators.

Wiring that has grown defective may require replacement during a furnace repair. Older boilers and furnaces could be challenging to start. It’s time to get a new system if your boiler or furnace keeps breaking down. Contact a reputed furnace company in Richmond, MN such as Kraemer Heating & AC, LLC.

  • Overpriced Heating Bill

Your annual fuel utility expenses could rise as a result of several circumstances. As heating systems get older, their efficiency starts to decline. When you notice increases in your typical heating costs, it could be time to start considering replacing your furnace.

Your furnace or boiler may need to be replaced if it makes odd noises like squeaking, pounding, rattling, hissing, clicking, popping, or other odd noises. An increase in these noises is typically a sign that one of the furnace companies in Richmond, MN, needs to replace your heating system.

  • Cold Patches Or Ice Buildup In Your Home

Older furnaces are less effective at heating your home. A repair may offer a short-term fix, but installing a new heating system is the best action. Another red flag is ice damming on your roof close to the furnace exhaust vent.

  • Indoor Air Quality

Your furnace might need to be changed if your symptoms are worse this year than they were last year. Dust will gather inside your home due to the dry air there.

  • Affecting Health

Low levels of carbon monoxide might result in other flu-like symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and lightheadedness. Cracks appear in heating systems as they age, which causes gas leaks. If you think this might be the case, open the windows to let fresh air in and then leave the house.

You still face a set of important choices when you decide it’s time to buy a new furnace. What brand, model, attributes, coverage, and AFUE (efficiency rating) of furnace is best for your house and your budget? Contact Kraemer Heating & AC, LLC at 320-597-7272 for the best furnace repair and services in Richmond.