How To Avoid Common Furnace Issues This Winter

You depend on your furnace to ensure that your household is warm throughout the winter. As a homeowner, you should know that a furnace requires regular tune-ups to function as efficiently as it should. If you require furnace service in Cold Spring, look no further than Kraemer Heating & AC, LLC. We will help you avoid sudden or uncomfortable breakdowns with your unit.

How To Avoid Common Furnace Issues This Winter?

Change from heating to cooling and adjust the temperature to just a couple of degrees more than the temperature in the room. If you don’t notice the heater starting to warm up within an hour, take off the cover and ensure your wire connections are secured (if you’re comfortable doing this).

If the wire connections are not functioning, you can test the furnace’s blower, fan, or heat pump; however. If you are uncomfortable doing this on your own, contact one of our experts for furnace repair in Cold Spring.

An important way to maintain an efficient furnace would be to replace your filter at the beginning of winter and spring. It’s just a procedure of reading the furnace operating manual to determine the correct filter size, type, and model before determining the filter’s position within the furnace and swapping the filter out.

A dirty or blocked filter does not just affect your indoor air quality; it also can make your furnace work more efficiently. A furnace that is forced to do more work is not as efficient, which costs you money; however, it also reduces the life of your furnace. This will cost you more to replace the parts or the whole furnace.

  • Remove the Heating Exchanger.

The heat exchanger must be cleaned and brushed yearly by a professional when the unit is turned off. When it’s cleaned, technicians will look for cracks that could result in a hazardous carbon monoxide leak in your home.

  • Lubricate the Motor of the Blower.

Check the manual of the owner to determine if your motor requires lubrication. If it is, switch off the power. Lift the cover, and clean the caps that protect the bearings. Remove the caps, and apply lubrication to the bearings. It will increase the life of the moving parts of your heating system.

The latest systems feature electronic ignitions. If your ignitor isn’t functioning, try pressing the reset switch. Are you still having trouble? Get in touch with our expert for furnace service in Cold Spring.

  • Check the Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

Chimneys could be home to carbon accumulation, as well as small animals. An expert should examine them regularly. Regularly test or change carbon monoxide detectors, as they protect you from the adverse effects of carbon monoxide.

  • Safety and Security Check.

Like any other mechanical device, it has various motors and electric and gas components; it’s essential to check it annually to ensure everything is in good condition. Many homeowners think that if their system is just one or two years older, it’s okay not to bother with maintenance, which is a misconception.

The most important time to begin your annual maintenance is when you get an upgrade to your furnace. The HVAC system in your home is the most significant and expensive appliance; therefore, it is essential to look after it right from the beginning.

Suppose you reside in Cold Spring and your unit requires furnace repair, in that case, you might want to call our HVAC expert to visit and ensure that all parts function according to specifications set by the manufacturer and industry standards. Call Kraemer Heating & AC, LLC at 320-597-7272 to schedule an appointment immediately.