How Do You Reset Your Heat Pump?

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If you are curious to know what to do if it stops working, there may be a severe problem or even a bigger issue requiring a reset. It is an easy process to follow.

To Reset Your Heat Pump, Follow These Steps:

If you need to reset your heater because it fails to perform the desired purpose, resetting the thermostat is the most effective alternative. First, check the thermostat’s settings and adjust them.

You should check whether the thermostat has been set to cooling or heating modes. Set the thermostat in a way that it can regulate the desired function. Call us for a heat pump service expert in Richmond if it isn’t working.

  • Make Sure the Power Switch is Off.

Find the power switch on the pump. For most heat pumps, the control switch is situated at the end of the unit or near the walls. It is turned off with a flip of the switch.

It’s possible that someone turned off the power switch by mistake, cutting off the heat pump’s power source.

  • Turn Off the Circuit Breakers.

You have now turned off the thermostat and power switch. Shut off your circuit breakers for the air handler and condenser. Wait for some time before you proceed to the next step.

  • Switch Everything ON.

The thermostat, power switch, and electrical breakers should all be switched on after a little while. The heat pump’s startup time after being turned on can be up to a minute or two. If it still doesn’t work, call a skilled expert for heat pump service in Richmond.

Why Does Your Heat Pump Require Frequent Resets?

Choosing the most powerful heating system on the market isn’t always the most efficient option. If it is oversized, it could heat or cool your space too quickly and then turn off. This can cause the components in the system to wear out faster and impact your power bills.

  • Dirty Air Filters

Filters blocked by dirt will limit the airflow. This can result in the system overheating because the heat pump needs to be working at full capacity to move the proper amount of air around the device. Replace the air filter once a month as you operate the heat pump daily.

  • Leaking Refrigerant

Your heat pump shortens the cycle and shuts off too often if it’s not equipped with enough refrigerant. If you’ve observed that the coils are covered in ice, chances are good that there’s a leak.

  • Electrical Issues

Your heating system could constantly interrupt the circuit breaker when there’s a problem with frayed or damaged wiring. The circuit breaker may be the cause. If the circuit breaker is old and other appliances continue to trip it, you’ll need to replace it.

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