How Long Does A HVAC Unit Take To Install?

Do you want to install a new HVAC or replace your existing HVAC system? If replacing is the plan, it doesn’t matter if it’s past the point of its useful life or if you want to upgrade to a more efficient HVAC system; Call Kraemer Heating & AC, LLC if you are looking for furnace replacement experts in Richmond. We have the tools and experience to ensure the HVAC system is installed correctly on the first attempt.

How much time is spent on the HVAC installation?

The Factors That Determine The Time Required For The Installation Are:

  • Calculating the Heating and Cooling Loads

Depending on variables, the air conditioning and heating installation process can take two to three days. There are some essential steps that HVAC experts follow. First, the technician must determine your home’s heating and cooling requirements.

To make a precise estimate, they will consider various aspects. This includes the size, age, and location of your property. Additionally, your home’s construction materials also play an essential role. This is the same for the number of windows, doors, and floors you have in your home.

  • Choosing the Best Location

Another important step is to decide on the most suitable locations for the outdoor and indoor heating or cooling equipment. Furnace replacement technicians in Richmond will conduct an on-site analysis to select the most efficient places for your unit. The outdoor units are challenging to install. The units require flat concrete slabs to install. It needs at least a clearance of 3 feet to guarantee efficiency.

Another thing that takes time and care is the installation of the ductwork. Before installing the ductwork, technicians look over the ductwork you have in place. They will look for any damage to repair them and cover them with a seal. Even with a top-of-the-line HVAC system, it won’t work as well when you have leaky ducts. Additionally, they cleanse the ducts in case of dust buildup to improve the airflow.

  • The Type of Installation

Simple system installation: If you require a direct system swap, it will take around 24 hours. A changeout happens when an HVAC system is replaced and all the equipment is in place from the old unit.

Complete HVAC system Installation: If you need ductwork replacement or a complete HVAC installation, the process may take longer because the technician might need to replace the ductwork. A complete HVAC installation could take between three and five days to finish.

  • Checking the Refrigerant Pipes

A second important step is to examine your refrigerant line for any leaks. If the furnace service technicians discover the refrigerant line is in bad condition, they may suggest replacing them entirely. Furthermore, they also charge the refrigerant, install the condensate drain, and install an air purifier. This is essential because it improves indoor air ventilation and ensures safety.

Our furnace service experts in Cold Spring suggest that the time taken to replace an HVAC is between 1 to 3 days, but this is a rough estimate of the required time. Call Kraemer Heating & AC, LLC for furnace service professionals in Cold Spring immediately at 320-597-7272 if you want to schedule an appointment.