7 Factors To Consider Before Installing An AC System

Air conditioners provide cool comfort and respite to you and your family in the warmer months. If you are thinking of upgrading to a brand new AC, make sure to contact our professionals. Kraemer Heating & AC, LLC is here to provide you with quality installation. We are a licensed, certified, and experienced contractor for AC replacement in Cold Spring who can provide higher efficiency and durability for your system.

Factors To Consider Before Installing An AC System

Do your research by considering the given points before buying an AC this summer.

  • Size

To ensure maximum comfort and efficiency, buying the right-sized AC is important. A larger than required AC unit will not provide any of said benefits, but rather a short cycle and increased energy consumption. Similarly, a smaller AC unit will be insufficient in cooling your house after hours of electricity surge, exhausting completely.

  • Cost

Spending more than your budget to buy an AC will not provide extra benefits. Ask our HVAC contractor about the cooling capacity and your house size, and let them take charge by comparing different models and prices. It is a tricky matter, so take help from experts.

  • Energy Costs

To decrease your energy bill, you have to save energy costs. You shouldn’t buy an AC without checking its SEER ratings, and try to fit the highest rating into your budget. These new energy-efficient AC systems are programmable with smart controls and safer for the environment.

Before calling us for air conditioner installation in Cold Spring, ensure that your ductwork is optimal by sealing all the air gaps and mending the leaks. Non-leaking ductwork allows you to save more energy by keeping all the cool air inside.

  • Efficiency

Before installing any home appliance, you need to ensure its efficiency and durability in the house. Similarly, for an AC system, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings determine its efficiency. The higher the SEER rating of your AC, the longer and better cooling you will get. Any SEER rating above 17 shows good performance but with a suitable price rise.

  • Refrigerant

Refrigerant is the main cooling component of your AC. Therefore, ask our HVAC contractor to monitor its levels before you turn the AC on. Any crack or hole in the refrigerant lines can cause health hazards and interfere with proper functioning. Even low refrigerant levels are insufficient in cooling your house optimally, so save your costs by being attentive to the issue.

  • Location for Installation

To ensure there are no potential fire hazards, ask our HVAC technician for analysis before installation. You should avoid AC installation in all the hotter parts of your house and near the main electrical switch.

Do not hide your AC behind the plants, refrigerator, or couches that obstruct airflow and mess with the ventilation. Keep the drains and outdoor units in mind as these accumulate dust and debris.


Kraemer Heating & AC, LLC is here to provide you with quality installation and AC replacement in Cold Springs. You should only hire professionals for the job and never try to service a component yourself. Contact us at 320-597-7272 now to get free estimates and discounts on annual subscriptions.