5 Ways To Lower Your AC Bills!

With temperatures on the rise globally, it is becoming less feasible to consider living without a proper cooling unit. Air conditioners can contribute to a significant portion of your electricity bills. Our experts who are well experienced in AC service in Richmond have compiled this guide to help you with the most rational tips, to keep your home cool and save energy costs without compromising your comfort.

Tips To Reduce Your AC Bills This Summer

Beat the heat this summer while saving your money and comfort at once with the given tips.

  • Run Ceiling Fans with AC

Ceiling fans can help you keep cool at average temperature by circulating the cool air and providing ample ventilation. Make sure your ceiling fans move counterclockwise, pulling the cool air and blowing it back downwards onto you. It is a simple yet effective way to reduce energy bills even while using AC and saving it from exhaustion.

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  • Install Ample Insulation

There is no use to your AC if the cool air leaks from windows and air gaps in your home. Even with closed doors and windows, your attic and basement can be prone to leaks, allowing the indoor air to escape. Manage your energy costs by sealing the gaps in windows, doors, and wiring holes. Invest in your house insulation. It will be worth the investment.

  • Close Curtains and Blinds

Keeping the curtains open while not using AC can provide adequate ventilation to your home, but during the daytime, it will bring the scorching hot air inside. Therefore, it is better to set your curtains accordingly. Ensure that during the daytime, all your blinds are shut and let no sun rays enter the house.

While at night, you can let your AC rest and allow the cool air from outside to circulate inside for cross-ventilation.

Swap your old thermostat for a new programmable or smart thermostat that cools the house as required. These smart devices can be managed from afar and need not be kept on all the time. So, when you are on the way, set your thermostat to cooling mode and turn your AC on. Similarly, when you are away, let your AC rest.

Continuous operation is the major reason for the breakdown of traditional thermostats. But with a remotely accessible feature, these programmable devices can work on your voice commands or pre-saved settings for the whole week.

  • Schedule Regular AC Service

All home appliances collect dust and slow down after a period, demanding rest and repair. So, make sure you remove the dirt and replace the filters regularly. In addition, schedule complete preventative maintenance for your AC to upkeep its efficiency, or else you might find yourself extremely uncomfortable when it suddenly malfunctions.


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