What are the most common AC problems?

If you have ever used a cooling system, you know how frequently an AC unit needs to be repaired or replaced. Any lag time increases costs and damages the cooling system as a whole. In addition, when these air conditioner issues are ignored, your comfort is also hampered.

Most Typical AC Issues and Fixes:

  • Water Leak

According to AC installation in Richmond experts, algae or fungi could cause water leaks from an air conditioner. An inoperable pump or even a complete breakdown could be another potential cause of this AC issue.

Solution: A vacuum can be used to clear a clogged condensate pipe. To kill fungi or algae buildup, you can also pour 6 ounces of vinegar into the drain line.

  • Frozen Evaporator Coil

The coil becomes encased in ice over time, which prevents the refrigerant from the coil from absorbing latent heat.

Solution: Keep your system in fan mode if there is frost because the blower fan will remove the frost without shutting the system down.

  • AC Smells Bad

Mold is present if you detect a strange odor from your air conditioner. Methyl Mercaptan leakage, which can be hazardous, is indicated by a gas smell.

Solution: Give it a thorough cleaning when bringing your air conditioner back online after a hiatus. Always call a professional for air conditioner service in Richmond if there are any electrical or gas leaks.

Dust and corrosion buildup, or even a simple case of dead batteries, could cause a severe problem. The thermostat’s performance can also be affected by loose screws or wires.

Solution: Check the batteries in your battery-operated thermostat to ensure they are in good condition. Remove the cover and use a soft brush to clean any dirt and prevent buildup.

  • Strange Noises

If your unit is bubbling, it either has a refrigerant leak or too much moisture. The AC fan will make clicking noises if there is an obstruction in it or if there is a problem with the capacitor.

Solution: Never ignore the AC noise problem; instead, get in touch with a qualified technician immediately for air conditioner service in Richmond.

  • Dripping Ducts

Leaking ducts may impact your home’s air quality. You would feel like your air conditioner was not on, even if it had been running for a while.

Solution: Place your hand near the joints between the two ducts to feel for air leaks. Use foil-faced tape to seal the leaks after you’ve located them.

  • Poor Airflow

There is a problem with the HVAC airflow if you notice pressure imbalances or drafts in your home that are both hot and cold. In this case, the fan cannot push enough air due to various factors, including a clogged air filter or a broken blower motor.

Solution: Try recalibrating a broken thermostat to see if that fixes it. Verify whether a piece of furniture or a decorative thing obstructs the airflow to rule out vent blockage.


If you’re not an expert in using or repairing air conditioners, you should have a professional assist you with any AC repairs or replacements. A minor error made during repair or replacement could completely ruin your cooling system, to avoid this call Kraemer Heating & AC, LLC at 320-597-7272 for the best AC installation in Richmond.